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Introducing the Algolia Community forum and the Pioneer Badge

Today we’re making a new resource available to the Algolia Community. It’s a modern take on one of the Internet’s most fundamental gathering tools: the forum. See it live: the Algolia Community forum As the Algolia Community has grown, it’s become very active on Github, StackOverflow and Twitter. As developers, we love these tools but there are gaps… Read more »

Search Party recap: 60+ attendees, 10 projects, 1 “magnificent” photo booth

Several weeks ago we welcomed a group of Algolia developers, customers and partners into our SF office to have a conversation about search. It was also an opportunity to say “Hey, thanks for working with us!” Fireside Chat The evening kicked off with a fireside chat between Algolia co-founders Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine. Some fun facts came out, like Nicolas… Read more »

Algolia (and Burgers) at PolyConf

Have you ever had a conversation with your friends which goes something like this? You: Let’s go grab some burgers for dinner tonight! Friend 1: Not burgers, anything else is fine. Friend 2: Thai? You: Meh  Us too. Food is something we’re very passionate about here at Algolia (along with coding). In fact, there’s an animated… Read more »

DocSearch: 150 sites, 75k searches per day

In December 2015 we released DocSearch, an easy way to make your software or API documentation searchable. Fast forward 6 months later and DocSearch is powering the documentation behind 150 projects including React, Symfony, Play framework and Meteor. With just a little configuration, DocSearch can automatically crawl most documentation websites and then provide a nice… Read more »

Search your knowledge base quickly and easily with Algolia for Zendesk

We’re excited to announce the release of our new Zendesk integration as a part of our community package. This integration adds as-you-type search to your help center in just a few clicks and can be integrated at no cost. Why do you need a help center? To quote Zendesk, you need a help center to: 1. Increase… Read more »

Come see Algolia SuperSearch at SaaStr Annual 2016

How ‘bout them Broncos!? The big game might be over, but Super Bowl mania isn’t, at least at Algolia. SaaStr Annual 2016 kicks off in San Francisco on Tuesday, and we’re excited to join more than 5,000 other SaaS professionals for three action-packed days of high-quality networking, learning from those who’ve done it and, of… Read more »

Find every commercial ever aired during the Big Game with Algolia SuperSearch

Algolia HQ is in San Francisco, so it’s been pretty impossible to escape the Super Bowl mania sweeping the city. (If only they also actually swept the city.) Once we got over our slight annoyance with all the street closures because of the Super Bowl Village they built two blocks from our office (40 miles… Read more »

Building a better iStyles shopping experience with Algolia search

iStyles, a fashion accessories provider for consumer electronics, boasts more than 200K products and 1600 designs, as well as support for over 800 devices. With the already large and constantly growing number of products offered, iStyles needs their customers to be able to find what they want quickly and easily. That’s where we come in. Here’s… Read more »