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From Windsurfing to Venue Search: Great Search Implementations

Want to show off what you’ve built with Algolia? The Show and Tell category on our Community Forum is a great place to gain visibility for your project and get feedback at the same time. Our 1,100 community members actively swap stories of success and overcoming obstacles on their projects. We 💚 our community and enjoy… Read more »

6 Tips to Make the Most of a Hack Day

When I joined Algolia, the InstantSearch team was composed of two developers. Ten months later, we doubled the team and will have two more engineers joining us soon. We are now focusing on several big projects at the same time. Even though we are a single team, we are inherently split into different projects. This… Read more »

Building for developers—a tour of new features and resources in 2017

New API features, libraries, dashboard upgrades and community tools have been rolling out this year at a steady pace. In case you missed anything, I’m here to give you a panoramic look at what Algolia has made available to developers since the year began. Milliseconds matter, so let’s go! New API features Search for facet values In March, we… Read more »

A Tale Of Two Languages: Supporting Swift & Objective-C

Our road to supporting both official iOS languages with the same code base Since 2014, the Apple ecosystem has had two official programming languages: Objective-C and Swift. For library providers like Algolia, supporting both languages is a must—ideally from the same code base. The traditional approach is to support Swift via Objective-C. Despite the fact that it… Read more »

How we built the real demo for our fake CSS API client

On March 31st, we announced our CSS API Client, that replicated a search engine with only CSS. While it was only a joke in the spirit of April Fool’s, it was a lot of fun to make, and also a lot of fun to see it in the wild. I’ve always been fascinated by how… Read more »

Introducing the Algolia Community forum and the Pioneer Badge

Today we’re making a new resource available to the Algolia Community. It’s a modern take on one of the Internet’s most fundamental gathering tools: the forum. See it live: the Algolia Community forum As the Algolia Community has grown, it’s become very active on Github, StackOverflow and Twitter. As developers, we love these tools but there are gaps… Read more »

Search Party recap: 60+ attendees, 10 projects, 1 “magnificent” photo booth

Several weeks ago we welcomed a group of Algolia developers, customers and partners into our SF office to have a conversation about search. It was also an opportunity to say “Hey, thanks for working with us!” Fireside Chat The evening kicked off with a fireside chat between Algolia co-founders Nicolas Dessaigne and Julien Lemoine. Some fun facts came out, like Nicolas… Read more »