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Inside the engine part 7 – Better relevance via dedup at query time

One of the most unique and most-used features of Algolia is the Distinct feature: it enables developers to deduplicate records on-the-fly at query time based on one specific attribute. We introduced this feature three years ago, opening up a broad range of new use cases like the deduplication of product variants – a must–have any eCommerce… Read more »

Inside the Algolia Engine Part 6 — Handling Synonyms the Right Way

In any search engine, adding synonyms is one of the most important customization to introduce domain-specific knowledge. Synonyms make it possible to tune search results without having to make major changes to records. Supporting synonyms is no easy task especially for multi-word expressions, which introduce complexity in the handling of the proximity measure between matched… Read more »

Inside the Algolia Engine Part 5 – Highlighting, a Cornerstone of Search UX

Visually highlighting search results is a must-have component of a great search experience. This is even truer when you start to do advanced processing on the query (synonyms, typo tolerance, concatenation/split of query words, etc.), like we presented in the third installment of this series. A search result that is considered as weird by a… Read more »

Inside the Algolia Engine Part 4 — Textual Relevance

The way we search has changed a lot in the past decade. The original function of the Enter key was to begin a search, today it’s used to select a result that’s already been displayed. The type of information that people search for has changed too. Today’s search engines are used for much more than… Read more »

Algolia’s top 10 tips to achieve highly relevant search results

As a hosted-search engine service, we discuss the relevance aspect of search with our customers and prospects all day long. We now have more than 1500 customers and have seen a large variety of real-life search problems. It’s interesting to note that more often than not, these problems are in some way connected to the R… Read more »

Inside the Algolia Engine Part 3 — Query Processing

Search engines and query processing are not recent in Computer Science: this field known as Information Retrieval has a pretty vast set of state of the art practices. Today most search engines on the market come with a large set of features that developers can use to create their query processing pipeline, but this task… Read more »

Reducing precision in custom ranking values

Search relevance is always top of mind at Algolia. It is one of our differentiating factors, and we are always pushing ourselves to make sure our search engine is as relevant as possible. One of the ways we ensure relevance is with our custom ranking feature, which is a very powerful tool if you know… Read more »

Inside the Algolia Engine Part 2 — The Indexing Challenge of Instant Search

Search engine usage has evolved a lot in the last few years. Today’s users expect instant feedback without having to click on the “enter” button and wait for the page to load to get their results. They also expect the engine to tolerate typing mistakes on the fly without having to validate proposals of query re-phrasing,… Read more »

Inside the Algolia Engine Part 1 — Indexing vs. Search

Inside the Algolia engine part 1

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the high-level architecture of our search engine and our worldwide distributed infrastructure. Now we would like to dive a little deeper into the Algolia search engine to explain why we implemented it from scratch instead of building upon an existing open-source engine. We have many different reasons for… Read more »