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Announcing Multi Cluster Management: SaaS Search Built to Scale

Today we’re announcing the release of Multi Cluster Management, a feature dedicated to improving our fellow SaaS customers’ lives when it comes to search. While our search engine works for every industry, and our features — from fast indexing to typo-tolerance — work out of the box for every vertical, there are some needs that… Read more »

A Simple, Secure Tool for One-time (Self-Destructing) Messages

It is a very common practice and a very bad idea to send sensitive information over Slack or email. No matter how much you trust Slack or Gmail, there are types of company information (for example, SSH keys, certificates, security tokens…) that warrant an extra layer of security. The challenge, then, is to create a… Read more »

Testing for Failure in a 99.999% Reliability World

Even in a perfect world where everyone is doing test-driven development (TDD), even when everything is well planned and as a result, those plans succeed – Even in this world, things will fail. Bugs happen. Inevitably, there is always a little thingy that was forgotten. That’s this little thingy that this post is about. In… Read more »

Comparing Algolia and Elasticsearch For Consumer-Grade Search Part 1: End-to-end Latency

Before comparing Algolia to Elasticsearch, it’s good to understand a few things about the nature of search. Search architecture is unique The type and quality of search experience you can deliver depends heavily on your choice of search engine, hardware, datacenter region and front-end web and mobile development frameworks. It’s important to make the right… Read more »

Algolia: Picking up where Google Site Search left off

Recently Google has decided to sunset Google Site Search (GSS), their paid service for powering search inside of websites. The service will cease on April 1st 2018 and stop active development on April 1st 2017. Algolia helps product teams create lightning fast, relevant search, and since the announcement we’ve gotten a lot of questions and… Read more »

For SLAs, there’s no such thing as 100% Uptime – only 100% Transparency

With the advent of cloud computing and its ubiquity over the past 10 years, the SaaS model has, brick-by-brick, revolutionized the way businesses all over the world operate – from processing payments to processing paychecks in HR, from measuring marketing ROI to boosting sales efficiency, the modern enterprise’s go-to reflex when looking at improving how… Read more »

Algolia’s Checklist for Selecting a Critical SaaS Service

Here at Algolia, we love SaaS companies (we’re not at all biased) and use a lot of the different services they offer. Before selecting a particular service, we go through the usual process of comparing the different features and prices, but we also dig a little deeper and think about other aspects such as the infrastructure of the service…. Read more »