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Announcing Multi Cluster Management: SaaS Search Built to Scale

Today we’re announcing the release of Multi Cluster Management, a feature dedicated to improving our fellow SaaS customers’ lives when it comes to search. While our search engine works for every industry, and our features — from fast indexing to typo-tolerance — work out of the box for every vertical, there are some needs that… Read more »

Enhance & Promote Results: Introducing Query Rules

Today, we are releasing Query Rules, a new feature which enables you to modify, override, & enhance the behavior of the engine’s configured ranking for a subset of the queries. We wanted to share with you how we approached this key addition to our API, why we decided to build it, and explain the design… Read more »

Bringing the Missing Frontend Search Block to the Laravel Vue.js Community

Last year, Taylor Otwell, the maker of Laravel, decided to create an official Laravel package named Scout. The package allows Laravel users to add full-text search on top of their existing database without much effort. I was very happy to notice that Taylor identified search as being something complex that developers would need help with…. Read more »

Redesigning Our Pricing from the Ground Up

Today we’re rolling out new pricing plans. You can see them  on our new pricing page and get some quick answers in our FAQ. Customer feedback is in our DNA and core to how we make decisions about our product and company. We heard loud and clear from our customers that our pricing structure was… Read more »

Connectors, Docs & the Future — a Deeper Look into InstantSearch.js v2

Back in November 2015, we released InstantSearch.js v1 in order to give you an efficient way to build search UIs. We have received good feedback so far: 1600+ GitHub stars, 600+ upvotes on Product Hunt, and 1700+ live implementations and counting. Over the last 18 months, we have learned a lot with your feedback, our… Read more »

Redefining Incredible; Redefining Search

Today we’re proud to announce that Accel has led a $53 Million Series B investment in Algolia – you can read more about it here. We closed our Series B exactly two years after our Series A. Back then, we knew there would be many challenges to face but we believed we could create something… Read more »

Supercharging WordPress so that everyone can have great search!

Supercharging WordPress so that everyone can have great search!

Last year, we released our WordPress plugin, allowing WordPress users to super power their search bars with an instant-search autocomplete dropdown menu. Our focus since the beginning has been to offer non-technical users an easy way to enhance the search experience for their end users. We also wanted to keep as much flexibility for WordPress… Read more »