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InstantSearch Android: Optimized Search Components for Android

We’re excited today to be releasing InstantSearch Android,  a library of Views and helpers to help you build the best instant search experience on Android. It is built on top of Algolia’s Android API Client to give Android developers a powerful solution to quickly build the right search experience to delight their users. Before we… Read more »

With Algolia Offline, Take your Search Bar Everywhere.

Mobile apps are everywhere, occupying an ever-growing part of our daily lives. Ironically, this pervasiveness has taken apps to areas where network coverage is still not that great: public transport, underground areas, big malls… or outside big cities. With offline usability becoming an increasingly shared concern among users and developers alike—and justly so—, we at… Read more »

Personalized Search at the Speed of Algolia

Search is more than a query and results – search is a conversation your users have with your product. When done right, you feel understood by the engine – and, in turn, the product – which reacts to your needs and adapts to what you’re saying as you’re saying it. Perhaps one of the most… Read more »

Harnessing API’s with React: a different approach

Today we are launching react-instantsearch, a new library to build search interfaces with Algolia in React and React native. This new way of implementing Algolia brings ideas that go beyond the creation of widgets using React – we think they will fundamentally influence the way the JS community builds UI libraries! A year ago we… Read more »

How we tackled internationalization in our Zendesk integration

Zendesk customers are worldwide, coming from every continent. It’s no surprise that their Help Centers support multiple languages out-of-the-box. When we launched our Algolia for Zendesk integration, it shipped with English support by default, and you could extend it to handle other languages. Today, we’re proud to announce that our integration supports 30 languages. Algolia… Read more »

Searching camelCased parameters in API documentation: how we handled it

As you may already know, we love having great search on documentations we use daily. That’s the main reason we built DocSearch. DocSearch is live on hundreds of documentation sites, including our own. We believe DocSearch is the easiest and fastest way to navigate technical documentation. Because of that, we invest a lot of time in making it… Read more »

How We Tackled Color Identification

No matter how well crafted a search engine may be, if the query it is given is incomplete or inaccurate, the search results will always seem a little off. E-commerce often falls prey to this because large catalogs and innumerable filters complicate curation. Since relevancy is at the very top of our priority list, let us… Read more »

How we reduced boilerplate and handled asynchronous actions with Redux

At Algolia, we do a lot of front-end JavaScript, because for us UX and UI are key components of a great search – we want the search experience to be perfect across the entire stack. Recently, we’ve been playing quite a lot with React in our projects, especially in Instantsearch.js, an open source library for building… Read more »