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We Built an Atom Plugin to Find and Install Any NPM Module

The desire to automate everything is pretty common, especially with developers: why should I waste my time doing the same operation countless times? That desire is at the base of the process that led to the making of our Atom plugin: an autocomplete that allows importing packages from NPM quickly, with a few keystrokes. On… Read more »

Serving One Billion JavaScript Library Downloads

This month, with the help of jsDelivr, we reached a milestone 1 billion downloads (that’s 26TB!) across all of our libraries. Since we now know how to deliver that many JavaScript libraries in a fast, robust and stable way, we thought we’d share our experience with the JavaScript community. Algolia is developing multiple open source… Read more »

From Windsurfing to Venue Search: Great Search Implementations

Want to show off what you’ve built with Algolia? The Show and Tell category on our Community Forum is a great place to gain visibility for your project and get feedback at the same time. Our 1,100 community members actively swap stories of success and overcoming obstacles on their projects. We 💚 our community and enjoy… Read more »

Enhance & Promote Results: Introducing Query Rules

Today, we are releasing Query Rules, a new feature which enables you to modify, override, & enhance the behavior of the engine’s configured ranking for a subset of the queries. We wanted to share with you how we approached this key addition to our API, why we decided to build it, and explain the design… Read more »

6 Tips to Make the Most of a Hack Day

When I joined Algolia, the InstantSearch team was composed of two developers. Ten months later, we doubled the team and will have two more engineers joining us soon. We are now focusing on several big projects at the same time. Even though we are a single team, we are inherently split into different projects. This… Read more »

A Simple, Secure Tool for One-time (Self-Destructing) Messages

It is a very common practice and a very bad idea to send sensitive information over Slack or email. No matter how much you trust Slack or Gmail, there are types of company information (for example, SSH keys, certificates, security tokens…) that warrant an extra layer of security. The challenge, then, is to create a… Read more »

Bringing the Missing Frontend Search Block to the Laravel Vue.js Community

Last year, Taylor Otwell, the maker of Laravel, decided to create an official Laravel package named Scout. The package allows Laravel users to add full-text search on top of their existing database without much effort. I was very happy to notice that Taylor identified search as being something complex that developers would need help with…. Read more »

Performant Web Animations and Interactions: Achieving 60 FPS

Silky smooth interactions are critical for providing a natural-feeling application. The devil is in the details, and ill-performant web animations feel awkward, “janky”, and, above all, slow. Developers often invest quite a bit of time to reduce first page loads by even a few milliseconds, but forget to consider the impact of the interactions that follow…. Read more »

Making Search Talk: Connecting Algolia and Alexa

Mostly, I just wanted to stop typing so much. A couple of years back, I bought an Amazon Echo. It was on a whim, really. I had been buying all of my food on Amazon Fresh, Amazon announced a special Prime-only smart speaker, and I decided that Jeff Bezos needed more of my money. The… Read more »