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Introducing TalkSearch — making videos searchable, one conference at a time

It’s time for one of our favorite annual traditions: revealing the holiday gift we built for the developer community. This year, we’ve made a tool that helps users discover key moments at conferences by searching into video transcripts. It’s called TalkSearch, and we’d like to share a few details about why we built it and… Read more »

Geo-Spatial Search on Mobile: Quick but Not Dirty

Geo-spatial search or geo-search is no longer a buzz word or a nice to have in your service or app. If you take a look on the AppStore / PlayStore, more than half of the apps will ask your permission for location. And here’s why. Location matters According to Google’s 2011 “The Mobile Movement Study”,… Read more »

Master the Rebase (and the Other Way Around)

Git `rebase` is one of those commands that you may have heard of as a substitute for `merge`. Truth is, it’s more than that — `rebase` is a completely different set of tools that intersect with the goals achieved by `merge`. Confused? Don’t worry! This blog post is about different uses of `rebase`. First, as… Read more »

API Documentation 2.0: From Browsing to Search

A challenge that documentation writers face is how to encourage developer readers to stay in the documentation and not reach out to support until absolutely necessary. To meet this challenge, writers of course focus on the text — its clarity, coherence, and exhaustivity. They also focus on form, devising ways to guide developers to the relevant… Read more »

Pragmatic Releasing: Less Worry, More Shipping

Here I’ll share a few things I’ve learned managing libraries at Algolia. They are by no means a perfect set of instructions or recommendations, but tips for making your (developer) life easier. Here are some good signs that you may want to re-work your release workflow: You tend to batch features before releasing them You… Read more »

Yarn: From Zero to 700,000 User Searches per Month

Since December 2016, as part of our yearly community gift effort, Algolia has powered the JavaScript packages search of the Yarn website. This blog post explains how we collaborated with the Yarn team, what the challenges were building such a search interface, and how much this search is used today. Yarn is a JavaScript package… Read more »

Building an App That Gives Music Advice Through a Conversation

What would a search interface without a search box look like? After a few weeks of exploration, I created an app that gives music advice through a conversation, and called it “Musicologist”. This is the story of how I built it, hoping to give you an idea of what kinds of new search interfaces are… Read more »

Good API Documentation Is Not About Choosing the Right Tool

As a member of Algolia’s documentation team, I am often asked: “What tool are you using to build your documentation?” Of course, I answer the question, but I am often tempted to say that it’s probably the least valuable piece of information I can provide. In this post, I am going to give you some… Read more »