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Harry Logger and the Metrics’ Stone

Introduction As Algolia grows, we need to reconsider existing legacy systems we have in place and make them more reliable. One of those systems was our metrics pipeline. Each time a user calls the Algolia API, whether the operation involves search or indexing, it generates multiple lines of logs. We generate around 1 billion lines… Read more »

Keeping mobile apps lightweight: how we shrank Algolia Offline by 69%

Earlier this year we announced the release of Algolia Offline, which compacted the power of Algolia down to an offline search experience while retaining most of its features. One of the biggest constraints of packaging a search engine into a mobile library is the “binary size”: how much space the compiled library occupies. Fitting an… Read more »

Small but impactful search UX tips for mobile web

As part of our annual tradition of giving a gift to the community, these past few weeks I was part of the team working to implement search inside of Yarn. During that time, I noticed some small quick-wins that could make our search boxes better, and today I’d like to share a few of them. User experience… Read more »

A Tale Of Two Languages: Supporting Swift & Objective-C

Our road to supporting both official iOS languages with the same code base Since 2014, the Apple ecosystem has had two official programming languages: Objective-C and Swift. For library providers like Algolia, supporting both languages is a must—ideally from the same code base. The traditional approach is to support Swift via Objective-C. Despite the fact that it… Read more »

How we built the real demo for our fake CSS API client

On March 31st, we announced our CSS API Client, that replicated a search engine with only CSS. While it was only a joke in the spirit of April Fool’s, it was a lot of fun to make, and also a lot of fun to see it in the wild. I’ve always been fascinated by how… Read more »

Goodbye JavaScript: Introducing our CSS API Client

Editor’s note: This blog post is an April Fool’s faux product launch. However, to see how we actually built the real demo for ‘launch’, see our full explanation. At Algolia, we are always pushing the boundaries of search. Today is an important day for us as it marks the official release of our 11th API… Read more »

InstantSearch Android: Optimized Search Components for Android

We’re excited today to be releasing InstantSearch Android,  a library of Views and helpers to help you build the best instant search experience on Android. It is built on top of Algolia’s Android API Client to give Android developers a powerful solution to quickly build the right search experience to delight their users. Before we… Read more »

Comparing Algolia and Elasticsearch For Consumer-Grade Search Part 1: End-to-end Latency

Before comparing Algolia to Elasticsearch, it’s good to understand a few things about the nature of search. Search architecture is unique The type and quality of search experience you can deliver depends heavily on your choice of search engine, hardware, datacenter region and front-end web and mobile development frameworks. It’s important to make the right… Read more »