Disrupting Salesforce’s Search Experience

At Algolia, we’ve been using Salesforce CRM for 9 months and it has dramatically changed the way we are managing our sales process as we scale our organisation. It’s probably the most flexible CRM tool on the market with a lot of useful features. That said, we’ve spotted some room for improvement with Salesforce’s built-in search.

Salesforce Built in search

With Salesforce, there’s no plan B.

When looking for something on the Web, you often begin with Google. Although you may start with Google, it’s the just beginning of the quest for relevant content and zeroing in on the information you really need that is on websites. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, you instinctively go back on Google and start again because it works better.

However, when using Salesforce, there is no plan B. Google won’t help you find your leads or contacts; there’s only its built-in search engine you can rely on. After typing a query and hitting “Enter”, you need to navigate the entire result list. The process is long and definitely not aligned with one of the most important benefits we’re expecting when using Salesforce: increase productivity.

How we fixed Salesforce’s search experience.

After having spotted this issue with search, we could not help but fix it. Like a Chef working with unsharpened knives, we needed to find a solution because we’re used to working with high precision tools.

We’ve put a lot of work over the past two months to infuse Algolia’s search into Salesforce. This development now allows you to search anything in Salesforce with relevant results being returned at the speed of thought, i.e as you type it in the search box. Gone are the times when you were spending more than 10 seconds to get to an account, an opportunity or a lead. Gone are the times when making a typo doubles your search time because you had to restart your search from the beginning. Gone are the times when you and your team spent more time searching for something than managing it.

Algolia Search Salesforce

*the data shown in this video was randomly generated for the purpose of the demo.

Our first results show that we’ve divided by 5 the time we spend searching for objects into Salesforce with Algolia search (yes, by 5). We’ll let you do the math, but you can imagine the huge productivity impact it will have for you and your team.

Dreamforce 2015.

Every time we’re working on a new integration of Algolia, we are deeply focused on getting feedback from our future users. In that process, we couldn’t but be present at Dreamforce this year. We’ll be on the DevZone of Dreamforce on Wednesday 16th between 10:30am and 1:00pm at the Salesforce for Startup booth to introduce you Algolia search for Salesforce and answer your questions.

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