On HipChat’s blog: Algolia extends HipChat to customer support

As you may probably know, we’re using HipChat to build our live-help chat. If you want to know more, go ahead and read our guest post on HipChat’s blog.

Hipchat: Live help chat.
Algolia uses HipChat to provide live customer service over chat.
  • angelo@peer.im

    I think Peer.im is great for your use case. You can create a specific group for customers. eg.”algolia.peer.im/apisupport” or “algolia.peer.im/sales” so you can share to your potential customers. If someone pings you from that URL (no sign up or download required), you will know they belong to that group. A new private room will be created when a customer joins so NO 2 or more customers are in the same room.