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We recently reached a new milestone towards the release of our Search as a Service offer. We’re now proud to offer 10 API clients, covering all major languages.

Ease of use was a major focus during development. We began by offering a complete and easy-to-integrate REST API. Providing API clients was a logical way to improve ease of use. You can now quick start and test the engine with your data in a couple of minutes, with no prior configuration whatsoever. Each API Client is released under the MIT License and comes with a quick start and complete documentation:

This variety of languages and platforms reveals the diversity of our beta testers:

  • Customer size: from a small startup developing their MVP, to a big social network searching in their 130M+ users.
  • Volume: from a few queries to tens of millions per day. 
  • Technical environments: mobile, desktop, and web apps.

Interested in trying it out yourself? Ask for an invite!

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