Redesigning Our Pricing from the Ground Up

Today we’re rolling out new pricing plans. You can see them  on our new pricing page and get some quick answers in our FAQ.

Customer feedback is in our DNA and core to how we make decisions about our product and company. We heard loud and clear from our customers that our pricing structure was boxing them in to using the Algolia platform in a specific way, so today we’re doing something about that. As of today, we’re rolling out a brand new tiered pricing structure that will give companies of all sizes the flexibility to use the Algolia platform however they choose.

Speaking with Algolia customers in a variety of market segments, verticals and stages of growth, we kept coming back to two main points of feedback:

  • As users get started with Algolia, they want the pricing to be easy to understand, with costs that are in line with their usage.
  • As companies grow both in size and usage of Algolia, they are looking for enhancements in the customizability and flexibility of our platform.

Changing pricing is never an easy task. Many companies like ours make decisions about whether to optimize pricing for many small customers (startups, SMBs) or a small number of large enterprise customers. We have always taken the bold position that Algolia is for teams and projects of all sizes, and based on the feedback we received, we approached our new pricing tiers with this philosophy in mind.

The first major change in our pricing is that pricing is no longer connected to search operations. We want all customers to be able to create the best search for their users without thinking about how it impacts cost. As-you-type search, with API calls made at each keystroke, is a core element of a successful experience, and therefore searches via the Algolia API are now free for all Algolia users. To ensure the reliability of the service, there is a rate limit on the number of Queries Per Second (QPS) that users are able to perform.

Next, we’re introducing a new Essential Plan which is designed to give product teams more control over their search costs based on usage. Starting at $35/month, Essential Plan users will be charged based on the number of records and the number of Indexing Operations  (edits to indices or to index settings performed).

Finally, we’re launching the notion of add-ons. Add-ons are specific features and products that customers can purchase in addition to their plans in order to further customize their implementation of Algolia. We have several add-ons that are available starting today, all available on our Pricing Page.

We designed our pricing with the goal of making it better for both new and current users; however, if you’re a current customer and are happy with your current plan, that’s great! You can remain on your existing plan indefinitely. We support the commitment we made when you first signed up for our service, and will let you decide what works best for you at this time and in the future.

We love feedback, so should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

  • Michael Schmidt

    Costs for search queries are a minor problem, they should grow with traffic and thus the revenue.

    If you have flexible inventories and need to update an ecommerce site with eg 200.000 items, where some of them are updated 5 times a day, you are looking at 30 mio. indexing operations without having a single search query. To avoid this, one needs to write scripts that only push the delta with the items that changed and deletes or marks the items that are sold out. This takes the ease of a plug and play use of Algolia.

    I would have preferred a tiered pricing based on index size.

  • Leendert Paul Diterwich

    Also be careful when selecting a plan for a whole year! If Algolia changes its pricing in your favor you are stuck on your current plan for the remainder of the year.

  • chirag shah

    What if we go beyond 100K records what would be the pricing for that

    • NicolasDessaigne

      Hi Chirag,
      There is a calculator at the bottom of the pricing page (
      You can use it to estimate the pricing for your needs.

  • Kranthi Kiran

    No free plan? How do I play around?