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Building a better iStyles shopping experience with Algolia search

iStyles, a fashion accessories provider for consumer electronics, boasts more than 200K products and 1600 designs, as well as support for over 800 devices. With the already large and constantly growing number of products offered, iStyles needs their customers to be able to find what they want quickly and easily. That’s where we come in. Here’s… Read more »

Add instant search to your blog or documentation using our Jekyll plugin

Our goal at Algolia is to provide the fastest and the most relevant search experience everywhere around the world. In order to reach this scale, making the life of developers easier had to be one of our founding values. That’s why you can find clients for our API for many languages and frameworks. Today we… Read more »

Jadopado delivers instasearch for mobile and web powered by Algolia

Algolia Increases Online Search Sessions By 60% and Unique Mobile Searches by 270% The following post is a guest post by Omar Kassim, co-founder of JadoPado. Founded in 2010, JadoPado is one of the largest e-commerce sites servicing the GCC, Middle East, North Africa and South Asia.  Its CEO Omar Kassim wanted to bring an Amazon-like… Read more »

Full Text Search in your Database: Algolia vs Elasticsearch

Most applications and websites are built on top of a database. It can be a traditional relational database like MySQL or a NoSQL database like MongoDB. The problem is that none of these databases offer a satisfying full text search feature. Although they often have similar features (using LIKE operand in MySQL, using text index… Read more »

New iOS and OS X API clients for our Search-as-a-Service offer

One week after releasing our Java & Android clients, we are happy to release our iOS and OS X API clients for our search-as-a-service offer. In order to ease the setup, we support Cocoapods. Installation of the client just requires one line in your Podfile: pod ‘AlgoliaSearch-Client’, ‘~> 1.0 And don’t forget we also provide developers with an offline SDK that… Read more »

New Java & Android Search-as-a-Service API Clients at DroidCon Paris!

Our Search-as-a-Service offer is progressing toward its official release. We launched our Java and Android search API Clients at DroidCon Paris today! Come to see us if you’re attending! And don’t forget we also provide developers with an offline SDK they can use to search directly on Android devices with no connection to the network. Developers now have the perfect tools to build… Read more »