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Announcing instantsearch.js: Everything you need for great search in one library

Algolia instantsearch.js

We’re very excited to announce the launch of instantsearch.js, our new library of UI widgets to help you build the best instant-search experience with Algolia’s hosted search API. So how does this library change search? Our mission at Algolia is to make sure any website or application has the best search experience. But we don’t want… Read more »

How Beyond Retro Improved Its Ecommerce Site with Algolia’s Magento Plugin

Editor’s Note: Jascha McDonald is Software Developer and Application Architect for BankVogue, North America’s trusted partner in buying, selling and shipping used goods around the world. One of their companies includes Beyond Retro, a vintage clothing retailer in Europe. Founded in London in 2002, Beyond Retro’s stores offer an exhilarating pick ‘n’ mix of vibrant 20th century fashion. Led… Read more »

Add instant search to your blog or documentation using our Jekyll plugin

Our goal at Algolia is to provide the fastest and the most relevant search experience everywhere around the world. In order to reach this scale, making the life of developers easier had to be one of our founding values. That’s why you can find clients for our API for many languages and frameworks. Today we… Read more »

Quadrant.io solves the frustration of economic data search with Algolia

Browsing the cumbersome interfaces of government websites in the lookout for reliable data can be a very frustrating experience. It’s full of specific terminology and there’s not a government website that looks the same. It’s like each time you want to use a car, you have to learn to drive all over again. Connect ideas… Read more »

Don’t let network latency ruin the search experience of your international users

At Algolia, we allow developers to provide a unique interactive search experience with as-you-type search, instant faceting, mobile geo-search and on the fly spell check. Our Distributed Search Network aims at removing the impact of network latency on the speed of search, allowing our customers to offer this instant experience to all their end-users, wherever… Read more »

New experimental version of Hacker News Search built with Algolia

Exactly a year ago, we began to power the Hacker News search engine (see our blog post). Since then, our HN search project has grown a lot, expanding from 20M to 25M indexed items, and serving from 900K to 30M searches a month. In addition to hn.algolia.com we’re also providing the HN Search API: a lot of you… Read more »

Github Awesome Autocomplete browser extension for Chrome and Firefox

By working every day on building the best search engine, we’ve become obsessed with our own search experience on the websites and mobile applications we use. We’re git addicts and love using GitHub to store every single idea or project we work on. We use it both for our private and public repositories (12 API clients, HN Search or various d e m o s). We use every day its search function and we decided… Read more »

FanFootage: Solving the Search problem with Algolia

The following post is a guest post by Eoin O’Driscoll (web developer), and Vinny Glennon (co-founder) of FanFootage.com When we founded FanFootage we knew there was something lacking in the concert and event experience. Fans were taking videos on their mobile phones during performances, loading them on YouTube, and the audio was horrible. So we created FanFootage… Read more »

Search inside websites and mobile apps is strategic to engage visitors – Part 1

In an economic environment where the competition for end-users’ attention and interest is fierce, overlooking search inside your website and mobile application may damage your business. Powerful and reliable Web search engines such as Google have created deeply rooted expectations for a responsive and intuitive access to online content and your users expect the same… Read more »